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What are the characteristics of polypropylene short fiber for Botao carpet?

What are the characteristics of polypropylene short fiber for Botao carpet?

The polypropylene short fiber used in Botao carpet has the advantages of light weight, wear resistance and low price. The company has many years of experience in the production of color silk, has a complete proofing, production equipment, can produce a variety of colors, specifications of carpet polypropylene short fiber. Selection of high-quality masterbatch, with good color fastness and gloss, perennial supply of Canton Fair, exhibition carpet manufacturers.

Hubei Botao Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd. has introduced a number of imported fiber production lines, with fixed assets of more than 300 million yuan, an annual output of 100,000 tons of polypropylene staple fiber, 20,000 tons of polyester staple fiber, 10,000 tons of composite fiber, and an annual output value of over 800 million yuan. Focusing on the field of synthetic fiber for more than 20 years, Botao synthetic fiber has obtained excellent market results and extensive honors with the mentality of excellence and integrity development. In 2014, as the vice president unit of the polypropylene Branch of China Chemical Fiber Association, participated in the drafting and formulation of the "polypropylene staple fiber" industry standard; In 2017, the market share of polypropylene staple fiber exceeded 40%; In 2018, it won the invisible champion in the pillar industry segmentation field of Hubei Province Science and Technology Small Giant, which is a provincial specialized and special new small giant enterprise......

Polypropylene staple fiber according to the specifications of natural fibers can be divided into cotton type, wool type, carpet type and medium long type of short fibers. They can be spun pure or blended with different proportions of natural fibers or other fibers to make yarn strips, fabrics and felts. For example, the general grade asphalt carbon fiber cut into 150mm long, diameter of 15μm, strength of 800MPa, modulus of 41GPa carbon fiber, and phenolic carbon fiber (length of 70mm, strength of 200MPa, diameter of 14μm) in a ratio of 8:2 mixed to produce stable and uniform yarn strips. Woven into various shapes of fabric or cut into fibers for composite materials such as cement, aluminum alloy reinforcement.

In the process of making polypropylene short fiber, functional masterbatches can be added as needed, such as anti-aging masterbatches, flame retardant masterbatches, etc., to increase the performance of polypropylene staple fiber. Polypropylene staple fiber for felt is a polypropylene staple fiber specially used to make felt for filter materials. Polypropylene staple fiber is widely used in geotextile, textile, filter cloth, cool cloth, all kinds of non-woven fabrics, automotive interior, spinning, carpet, engineering materials, composite materials, filling materials, sound insulation, felt products and other industries.

Hubei Botao Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd. was founded in October 2000, located in Jingmen City, Hubei Province, specializing in the production and sales of polypropylene, polyester, composite fiber, polylactic acid staple fiber, the products are mainly used in non-woven fabrics, automotive interior, geotextiles, carpets, filtration and other industries. With the continuous development of the company, Jiangsu Botao New Materials Co., LTD., Hubei Lvhuan Chemical Fiber Co., LTD., and Tianlong (Thailand) Co., Ltd. have been established at home and abroad, with a total area of 300,000 square meters.

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