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How to use the advantages of polypropylene staple fiber?

How to use the advantages of polypropylene staple fiber? Let's take a look today!

Polypropylene staple fiber has its own advantages compared with polyamide fiber, polyester fiber light, viscose fiber light, polypropylene staple fiber is polypropylene resin as the main raw material, through melt spinning, stretching, crimping, drying, cutting, packaging and other processes to specify color and colorless, denier and length of bulky fiber.

Acrylic woven geotextile made of polypropylene staple fiber with high strength, acid resistance, alkali resistance, microbial resistance and other excellent characteristics plays a strengthening role in civil engineering projects on soft soil foundation, such as DAMS, reservoirs, highways, railways, etc., so that the load can reach the geotextile.

When building the slope, the use of polypropylene staple fiber geotextile can stabilize the slope, reduce the slope collapse, shorten the construction period, and extend the service life of the slope. When bearing large loads, polypropylene short fiber geotextiles and composite geotextiles based on non-woven fabrics can be used, of course, acrylic short fibers as filling materials such as concrete and mortar can improve the impact resistance and waterproof heat insulation of concrete.

Polypropylene short fiber light weight, density 0.9~0.92 grams/cubic centimeter, is the lighter of all synthetic fibers, 20% lighter than polyamide fiber, 30% lighter than polyester fiber, 40% lighter than viscose fiber; High strength, dry state and wet state are the same, good wear resistance and resilience; Anti-microbial, no mold; Drug resistance is also better than that of ordinary synthetic fibers. In addition, compared with other synthetic fibers, acrylic fibers have good electrical insulation and heat preservation, high electrical resistivity (71019 ohcm), and small thermal conductivity.

However, due to the low melting point of acrylic staple fiber (165~173), poor light and heat stability, and poor heat resistance and aging resistance of acrylic staple fiber, heat stabilizer and antioxidant are usually added to improve the performance, moisture absorption and dyeing are poor in synthetic fiber, moisture regain is lower than 0.03%, and can not be colored with ordinary dyes. Therefore, when spinning, a certain amount of coloring masterbatch is added to raw polypropylene to color the fiber.

The above is how to make reasonable use of the characteristics of polypropylene short fiber, if you need more information, please feel free to contact us!

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