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The textile industry is exploring a new path of transformation and upgrading

In recent years, the textile industry is exploring a smart manufacturing development path in line with the characteristics of the industry to support the transformation and upgrading of the industry.

Talking about the current situation of the development of intelligent manufacturing in the textile industry, Sun Ruizhe said that first, the supply capacity continues to improve, the market satisfaction rate of intelligent manufacturing equipment exceeds 50%, and there are more than 50 industry system solution suppliers; Second, the standard support system is becoming more and more perfect, completing the construction of the textile industry intelligent manufacturing standards test and verification public service platform, and releasing and developing more than 50 intelligent manufacturing related standards; Third, the industrial Internet platform is becoming increasingly mature, and a number of industry Internet platforms with independent and independent operation capabilities have been cultivated to support the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises; Fourth, the pilot demonstration has achieved remarkable results, and the textile industry has three national intelligent manufacturing benchmarking enterprises, 18 intelligent manufacturing demonstration factories and 50 intelligent manufacturing excellent application scenarios, exploring the formation of an intelligent transformation and upgrading path with textile characteristics.

Yu Jianyong said that China's textile industry has made important progress in basic hardware and industrial software in terms of digitalization, networking and intelligence. In the field of intelligent equipment, automatic equipment such as large heavy duty braiding machine and cable braiding machine fill the gap of special braiding equipment at home and abroad; Special textile robots have developed rapidly in the fields of spinning, weaving, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, etc. Ningbo Cixing sewing robots realize automatic recognition of three-dimensional surfaces and seam tracking, and have been successfully applied in automotive interior and other fields. In terms of intelligent factories, Wuhan Yudahua established the ring spindle spinning full process automatic production line, filled the spinning production line cotton, baling, combing, and strip, roving, spinning and other eight automation breakpoints, established a set of process management, production planning, quality management, equipment operation and maintenance and logistics in one of the intelligent control system, formed a demonstration application effect in the industry; In the field of intelligent services, Xinjiang Litai established a low-power ring spinning intelligent factory driven by big data, conquered the digital main line technology of spinning big data integration, developed a low-power optimization algorithm for ring spinning, established a workshop temperature and humidity field control model, effectively reduced yarn breakage and other indicators, and greatly reduced energy consumption; In the field of intelligent ecology, Annhei Bird "Cloud wing intelligence" builds intelligent ecology of large-scale personalized customization of clothing, meets the full category independent design of one version and one garment, realizes real-time transparent tracking and traceability of the whole manufacturing process, and strengthens the collaboration of the clothing industry chain.

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