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Is polypropylene staple fiber an environmentally friendly and pollution-free product?

Is polypropylene short fiber environmentally friendly?

Polypropylene staple fiber is an environmentally friendly and pollution-free product.

The characteristics of polypropylene short fibers: polypropylene short fibers have low density, light weight, and can float on the water surface; Polypropylene colored yarn has high strength and strong tensile resistance; Polypropylene short fibers have a certain degree of acid, alkali, and corrosion resistance, so you don't have to worry even if immersed in seawater; Polypropylene short fibers have low moisture absorption and almost no moisture absorption;

Hubei Botao Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd. was established in October 2000, specializing in the production and sales of polypropylene short fibers, polyester short fibers, composite fibers, and polylactic acid short fibers. The products are mainly used in non-woven fabrics, automotive interiors, geotextiles, carpets, filtration and other industries. The company is located in Jingmen City, Hubei Province and currently has six branches, covering a total area of 300000 square meters. The company is equipped with an imported fiber production line, with fixed assets exceeding 100 million yuan. It produces 50000 tons of polypropylene short fibers, 20000 tons of polyester short fibers, and 10000 tons of composite fibers annually, with an annual output value exceeding 500 million yuan.

The company adheres to technological innovation as the foundation, introduces new technological talents, cooperates with universities and colleges for research and development, and creates a high-end Botao brand. The research and development of polypropylene short fibers for automotive interiors and high-speed rail geotextiles, which closely follow market demand, has filled the market gap. The company currently has more than 280 employees, including 8 engineers and more than 30 other technical personnel. With strong technical strength, it has a strict quality inspection system and independent research and development, production, and marketing capabilities. It is an important enterprise in the Chinese polypropylene industry and has participated in the drafting and formulation of the industry standard "Polypropylene Short Fiber". It is also the vice president unit of the Polypropylene Branch of the China Chemical Fiber Association.

As a high-tech enterprise, the company has passed the ISO9001:2015 international quality system certification and ISO14001:2015 environmental system certification, with complete product specifications and stable quality. The products are exported to various parts of China, Southeast Asia, Europe and America, etc.

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